[Luxus+ Magazine] Thierry Mugler x H&M flirt with the art of dupe to conquer Gen Z

After Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Balmain and Margiela, it is now Mugler’s turn to collaborate with one of the giants of fast fashion H&M. Inspirations, collaboration or imitations, we don’t know, we’re lost. Like no other before, this exclusive collection opens the debate on reproductions of luxury products and the reinterpretation of fashion on a global scale.


Today, luxury attracts everyone. On social networks, in magazines or on the Internet, you can see everywhere and all the time. But it is often difficult to afford premium coins, when you know that a Prada bag (for example) is the equivalent of a minimum wage (see even two).


In order to meet a very wide range of customers, more and more brands are looking for more low-cost alternatives to seduce all ages, and especially millenials. Because yes, they are the ones who are most present on the web and elsewhere, and constantly looking for trends.


What are simply called “dupes“, multiply on social networks. Cosmetics, fashion, but also food, it affects all sectors, much to the chagrin of brands. What we call dupes are sometimes imitations and…very often counterfeits. Can’t you afford the latest Cagole from Balenciaga? In two clicks, you have the same at less than 100 euros on many sites.


This emerging trend appeared on social networks a little while ago, giving birth to a hashtag. The simple word Dupe has generated over 3 billion views on Tik Tok, and the numbers are only going up.


Some brands try to find alternatives, to counter this new phenomenon, not in the background -because imitations and counterfeits exist since the dawn of time- but in form.


This is the case of the Swedish chain of stores H&M, which diverts to its profit the art of dupe to renew itself and conquer all the targets of the current market, from the generation Z, to the older ones, including the young.


Mugler x H&M: reinvention or imitation?


This is one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year. The pieces were finally unveiled last Thursday, during the launch of the collection. Between a tribute to the Mugler House, reinterpretation of the archives and renewal, Casey Cadwallader, the House’s creative director, delivers a collection combining trends and couture.



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Knitted bodysuits, sculptural mini-dresses and corsets, the whole Mugler identity of the years 80-90 is felt and found here.



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Featured photo : © H&M


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