The wine industry faces the impact of climate change

The wine industry is facing a growing threat, according to a recent study published in Nature Reviews Earth and Environment. The study reveals a substantial risk that existing wine-growing regions will lose their ability to produce wine profitably. Conducted in collaboration with researchers in France and Italy, the research highlights the urgent need for winegrowers to adapt their practices in the face of ongoing climate change.


Are we heading for the end of renowned traditional wines? A study published Tuesday March 26 in the scientific journal Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, has revealed a “substantial” risk of loss of ability to produce wine profitably for current wine-producing regions.


In collaboration with researchers in France (Bordeaux, Dijon) and Italy, the study consolidated existing research on the consequences of climate change, including increased heat and drought, as well as changes in pests and diseases.


According to the study, if current warming trends persist and exceed two degrees, major changes are to be expected. Depending on the degree of warming, between 49% and 70% of regions could lose their ability to produce wine profitably.


“You can still make wine almost anywhere (in tropical climates, Tahiti, India…), but here we’re looking at quality wine at economically profitable yields,” explains Cornelis van Leeuwen, professor of viticulture at Bordeaux Sciences Agro.


Southern Europe and California under threat


Traditional wine-growing regions such as Southern Europe and California could lose up to 90% of their capacity to produce quality wines. The effects of global warming on temperatures and drought are likely to compromise grape quality and yield, influencing taste, acidity and alcohol content.


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