The Sisley Group unveils its new brand Neuraé

The French cosmetics giant Sisley Paris announces for the first time the launch of a new brand. Named Neuraé, this brand approaches skin beauty through the prism of neuroscience.


To feel good on the outside, you must start from the inside. As holistic beauty is one of the most important trends in recent years, cosmetics professionals are interested in this new vision of well-being.


This is notably the case with the French group Sisley Paris. This family-owned company, founded by Hubert d’Ornano and his wife Isabelle in 1976, has carved out a prominent place in the beauty industry thanks to its natural and high-quality products. The brand is not afraid of innovation and benefits today from the fresh and modern vision brought by the new generation of Ornanos.


Proof of its alignment with the current trend: the launch of the new standalone brand Neuraé. Created by Christine d’Ornano, CEO of the Sisley Paris group, and her brother Philippe d’Ornano, president of the company, Neuraé offers a new approach to cosmetics based on neuroscience.


Neuroscience Serving Beauty

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Featured Photo : © Neuraé

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