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The Gagosian galleries soon to be bought by LVMH?

The Gagosian galleries soon to be bought by LVMH?

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The most prestigious art galleries in the world are, according to an insistent rumor, in the process of being bought by the LVMH group. A new demonstration of the close association between luxury and art.

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According to a rumor launched a little over a week ago by Dagospia, an Italian magazine, Bernard Arnault is in discussions to buy the Gagosian galleries, with Larry Gagosian, their eponymous owner.


Larry Gagosian, of Armenian origin, is a well-known patron of the American art world and elsewhere. He owes his reputation to the staging of museum-quality contemporary art exhibitions. His galleries are true masterpieces and not just places to buy. Founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, Gagosian Galleries now has 19 branches and two boutiques around the world.


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