[Luxus+ Magazine] The big start of the 2022-2023 Ocean Race has been launched!

The biggest marathon of the seas has begun. The Imoca sailboats, true Formula 1 of the seas, are entering the competition. They will compete in a race lasting several months and will cover no less than 60,000 kilometers in the most hostile waters on the planet.


Fifty years after the first edition, the start of the 2022-2023 Ocean Race was launched this Sunday, January 15, from the port city of Alicante, in southeastern Spain, at approximately 4:10 pm. The 14th edition of The Ocean Race, formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Race, then the Volvo Ocean Race, will feature five crews aboard their Imoca, the 60-foot monohull yachts. They will compete in a race covering 32,000 nautical miles, or approximately 60,000 km.


When the starting gun was fired, the Biotherm boat, led by Paul Meilhat, took the lead ahead of the other four crews. The Imoca boats set off towards Cape Verde, before heading for Cape Town in South Africa, Itajai in Brazil, Newport in the United States, Aarhus in Denmark, The Hague in the Netherlands and finally concluding the race in Genoa, Italy. The boats, equipped with foils, the lateral appendages that allow the boat to rise above the water, will have to combine speed and balance to face the harsh conditions of the oceans for the next six months. They should reach the Strait of Gibraltar today, where a headwind and rough seas await them, according to the forecast.



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