[Luxus Magazine] “Châteaux en fêtes” 2024 unveils Dordogne’s new hidden treasures

Châteaux en fête returns for a fourth edition. From April 13 to 28, 2024, more than 80 historic sites, châteaux, manor houses and manor houses – some of which are usually closed to the public – will be offering a range of original events. A great way to discover with family and friends why this region deserves its title of “land of 1001 castles”.


Launched in 2021, “Châteaux en fête” brings together every spring, over a two-week period, a selection of exceptional residences in Périgord and Lot-et-Garonne, some of which open their doors for the first time, while offering original events for the whole family.


Alongside the emblematic French châteaux of Beynac, perched on its rocky promontory 152 metres above the Dordogne, and the English châteaux of Biron and Castelnaud, a number of more confidential châteaux are opening their doors to the general public.


This is an opportunity to discover an exceptional historical and architectural heritage along the Dordogne valley, dating from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and located in the former Duchy of Aquitaine, a veritable theater of confrontation between the French and English armies during the Hundred Years’ War.


It was here, on July 17, 1453, that the Battle of Castillon, the final armed conflict of the Hundred Years’ War, took place.


The legend of 1001 châteaux


Just a stone’s throw from Bordeaux lies the Dordogne. This French department is reputed to have the highest concentration of châteaux in France. 11% of the country’s 11,000 châteaux – as counted by the French Ministry of Culture – have taken up residence here, whether on a rocky outcrop or hidden in an impenetrable forest. This characteristic has not escaped the notice of the British population, who have flocked to the area in recent years, as much for its exceptional living environment as for its remarkable historical heritage, particularly linked to the history of England.


© Château de Beynac

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