TEFAF 2022: The prestigious art fair makes its grand return to Maastricht


Cancelled in 2021 and then postponed in 2022, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), the renowned art and antiques fair, finally kicked off on Friday, June 24 in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Whether you are an inveterate art curious or an antique collector, TEFAF remains The place-to-be for all art enthusiasts. Held one week after Art Basel, the 2022 edition in Maastricht welcomes until June 30th, 243 exhibitors: that’s 40 less than the previous edition. However, the latter will be no less exceptional, as will the lots presented.


Here are three art dealers that are worth a visit.


Botticelli Antichità


This Florentine antique dealer, who will present works ranging from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age at TEFAF, impresses with the diversity of forms and ages of these sculptures, busts or paintings.




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Featured photo : © TEFAF


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The editorial team
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