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Study: Ultima Collection unveils the trends for luxury hotels in 2021

Study: Ultima Collection unveils the trends for luxury hotels in 2021

The Ultima Collection hotel group, in partnership with the British tourism trend forecasting agency Globetrender, reveals the future trends in luxury travel that will populate 2021.


The Ultima Collection hotel group, the owner of luxury hotels and residences, has published a report in partnership with travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender, which assesses the new attractions of the luxury hotel industry for the year 2021.


Michala Chatel, the managing partner of the Ultima Collection group, in collaboration with Globetrender, outlines the five main trends for the luxury hotel industry in 2021. “It’s always interesting to look at what’s happening at the highest levels of travel because that’s often where trends start,” comments Jenny Southan, founder of Globetrender.


By partnering with Ultima Collection, Globetrender has been able to identify some of the trends that will be most significant in 2021 for this population, at a time when travelers and even the travel industry itself feel powerless to plan for the future. These trends show what tomorrow’s affluent consumers want and how their motivations and priorities are changing”.


Private rentals


The study reports that the demand for private rental properties is skyrocketing, becoming one of the most important factors in high-end tourism. Thus, Ultima Collection offers 25 residences, most of which can be fully rented for any length of time. The Ultima Megève and Ultima Corfu self-contained residences can accommodate up to 14 people for the former, and 18 for the latter.


On the Châlet side, the two chalets in Crans-Montana are reserved as a single reservation most of the time. The same thing for the chalets in Courchevel, often reserved by a single-family or group of friends wishing to gather in a change of scenery.




Ultima Collection is committed to focusing on personalization, a trend that is in high demand in the luxury hotel industry. Once the client communicates their preferences, the Ultima teams are committed to anticipating the client’s needs and desires up to weeks before their arrival.


For example, Ultima will take care of providing the client’s favorite meals or other sins of kindness, and filling the wardrobes with vacation wear from their favorite brands even before their arrival, in order to provide a unique and memorable client experience.


The comfort of a home, even on vacation


Another key trend for 2020: taking the office on vacation. While teleworking is becoming more and more widespread due to the health crisis, luxury clients are more and more interested in moving to private residences on a semi-permanent basis. Enjoying a long-term stay in a paradisiacal environment, while taking your office and home habits with you is a luxury that Ultima residences allow.


For example, many residences now include fully equipped offices, a space reserved for distance learning for children, teenagers, or students, while maintaining the comfort and facilities of a functional home. The Ultima residences also offer services ranging from the housekeeping staff to the chef. All in all, it’s just like home, only better.


Helicopter travel


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Demand is also on the rise for another tourist trend: helicopter transfers. Indeed, the company Luxaviation has revealed a significant increase in demand for helicopter ownership and long-term charters. To best meet the demand, all Ultima properties are located near a heliport, and Ultima Megève even has one on-site. The hotel group also reports that 95% of its clients traveled on a private jet in 2020, and expects this figure to increase by 2021.


Unique experience


Finally, Ultima Collection reveals an increase in demand for “unique” adventures, which will be significant for the year 2021. Eager to make up for a lost time in 2020, the luxury clientele would like to enjoy an itinerary of unique and memorable experiences. To do so, Ultima plans to plan each hour of the stay with the client, to the point of personalizing it to the minute, even in spite of the sometimes very short deadlines.


I think those who can travel will continue to do so,” comments Michala Chatel, Managing Partner at Ultima Collection. “For starters, those who can afford to take a private flight can travel twice as easily as those who travel on commercial airlines, as there are about twice as many private airports in Europe. I continue to believe that the trips will be a big event in 2021 – many people will want to test the water before going on a trip – but from what I have seen, there is a huge appetite for travel“.





Featured photo : © Ultima Collection

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