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Sneakers: a flourishing market

Sneakers: a flourishing market

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For the last ten years, sneakers have become collector’s items. Stylish and coveted, these objects are no longer a necessity, but sometimes a work of art and often a very good investment.


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A pair of sneakers worn by Kanye West sold for $1.8 million, another belonging to Michael Jordan sold for $1.5 million. In a few years, these everyday consumer items have become financial performance machines.


Long considered a simple utilitarian object, the sneaker has become a true global fashion phenomenon, which attracts and makes consumers dream. Many sites of Instagram or Facebook pages, stores, and even auctions are multiplying on this promising niche.


A fertile ground for the second hand. Collectors buy one or more models, at a rather attractive price and then resell them to buyers, up to 5 times more expensive. They realize capital gains of over 2000% in less than five years.


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Featured photo : © Balenciaga

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