Ritz Carlton opens new Dallas location

A new incarnation of the “Ritz Carlton” luxury hotel brand has just opened near the capital of Texas. The result of an in-depth renovation of a former Four Seasons, this establishment offers a host of assets to seduce its guests.


Dallas, your world is desiraaaaaable!!!

For those who know the cult series and its famous credits, the famous Texas city is no longer ‘impitoyaaaable’ but very attractive thanks, in particular, to the arrival of its first Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Inaugurated on January 23rd, after a year’s renovation, this establishment joins the brand’s already rich collection of over 110 hotels and resorts worldwide (including 43 in the United States).

Occupying more than 15 hectares (400 acres) “just minutes from downtown Dallas” and “surrounded by a breathtaking natural setting”, “just eight kilometers from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport”, explains the press release, the Ritz-Carlton Dallas, Las Colinas, was not, however, born ex nihilo.

Located on the site of a former family ranch, it had already been transformed into a hotel 38 years ago, but then under the name “Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas“. Since its acquisition in 2022 as part of a joint venture between Partners Group and Trinity Real Estate Investments, it had been temporarily renamed “The Las Colinas Resort”.

Symbol of luxury hotels

Its re-launch today under an emblematic and luxurious name, and this in Texas, the original land of the Cowboy core (this fashion trend which highlights the attributes of the cowboy, editor’s note), should not go unnoticed.

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Featured Photo: Ritz-Carlton Dallas Las Colinas © Ritz-Carlton

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