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Radisson Collection Hotels opens for the first time in Croatia

Radisson Collection Hotels opens for the first time in Croatia

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This is the first opening of the Radisson Collection Hotels group in Croatia, having rehabilitated the legendary Hotel Brioni.


Radisson Collection is coming to Croatia, with the opening of Grand HotelBrioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel, following a £30 million extensive repositioning of the legendary Hotel Brioni, one of Croatia’s best-known hotels, by Radisson Hotel Group partner PPHE Hotel Group and its Croatian subsidiary Arena Hospitality Group.


Built in the 1970s, the hotel was one of the tourist hotspots of the former Yugoslavia, delighting artists and celebrities from around the world who came to enjoy a quiet retreat. Today, the interior of the hotel has been redesigned by Studio 92, using Mediterranean materials and colors with Italian and Croatian stones, in a most sumptuous setting.

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