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Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: This business that brings in a lot of money to luxury

Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: This business that brings in a lot of money to luxury

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, objects bearing her image are being sold in many British stores. Between luxury items, crockery, mugs and even Barbie, the Queen is becoming the heart of a business that the British people love.


The objects bearing the effigy of Her Majesty represent each year more than 20 million euros of turnover and in 2012, the diamond jubilee had brought 145 million euros to London; a business, therefore, real, from which all British people benefit. But if the windows of English stores are dressed in the image of the Queen for her platinum jubilee, there are other goodies rarer and more luxurious.


The royal family, which does not receive any money from the sale of commemorative objects, has its own stores: Halcyon Days. In the Goviers commemorative ceramics workshop, located in Stoke-on-Trent, in the north of England, tableware is made using traditional British luxury craftsmanship. With its unique porcelain and unparalleled quality of finish, Stoke-on-Trent porcelain is recognized throughout the country as the softest and therefore the most prized on the island.


© Halcyon Days


A teapot costs 410 euros, a plate costs 170 euros and a set of fine porcelain teacups and saucers costs 265 euros. The price of these precious objects is justified by the finesse of execution and the materials used in the realization of these objects, which are hand painted and finished with 22-carat gold.


In another area, the hotel industry has also taken up the jubilee. The Ritz London Hotel, located, as its name suggests, in the heart of the British capital not far from Buckingham Palace, is organizing an “Afternoon Tea on the occasion of the Jubilee at a price of 78 euros per person.


Real masterpieces as the jeweler Bulgari knows how to make, the latter has unveiled a set and a tiara from the Jubilee Emerald Garden collection as a tribute to the Queen’s fine jewelry. These unique pieces of jewelry feature a 63.44-carat intricate Zambian emerald, which is arranged in the center of the tiara and tiara set, with a lotus flower carved into the emerald that took more than 1,500 hours to complete. Smaller emeralds and diamonds surround this imposing stone.


© Bvlgari

This high jewelry creation is a tribute to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. I was inspired by the Queen and her historic admiration for emeralds to design a piece centered around this striking carved emerald, which showcases Bulgari’s mastery of craftsmanship and creativity,” says Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s artistic director of fine jewelry.


On a more “gadget” side, the Swatch brand also took advantage of the Queen’s jubilee to unveil a limited series of its Gent watch, named for the occasion How Majestic. On the dial of the latter is represented Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by a corgi, and her outfit also changes color with the hours, in tribute to her very colorful wardrobe. It is sold at a price of 100 euros.


Montre Swatch Spéciaux et éditions limitées GZ711 How Majestic • EAN: 7610522848016 •
© Swatch


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Finally, Mattel, the owner of Barbie, unveiled on the Queen’s 96th birthday on April 21 a Barbie doll in her likeness. In a press release, Mattel explained that they created this doll to : “pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British history (…). Since her coronation in 1953, she has led a life of public service with duty and humanitarian endeavor, uniting the nation in celebration, reflection and community spirit.”


© Mattel


Dressed in an ivory-colored gown topped with a pale blue ribbon that features two miniature medallions inspired by the orders of the royal family, the Queen is elegantly portrayed wearing a tiara inspired by Queen Mary’s. The Barbie Queen Elizabeth II doll is sold for 88 euros.





Featured Photo : © Press

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