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Yiquing Yin is out at Poiret, Lotus announces future electric hypercar and the other news of the day

Yiquing Yin is out at Poiret, Lotus announces future electric hypercar and the other news of the day

Yiquing Yin is out at Poiret, Lotus announces future electric hypercar, YOOX unveils a new tailor-made service and other news of the day.

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Yiquing Yin leaves Poiret

photo: Yiquing Yin

Yiquing Yin leaves Poiret as artistic director, despite a fashion show really appreciated in March 2018. The brand created in 1903 by Paul Poiret was sleeping for several decades before the Korean group Shinsegae took over the brand in 2015 to relaunch it.

The Korean luxury retailer had entrusted Yiqing Yin with the task of waking up the house starting in the autumn-winter 2018/19 season. After two fashion shows in Paris, one of which was noticed for having revived the codes, especially about the orientalist of the brand with great delicacy.

For the moment, the Poiret company is not communicating on the reasons of this surprising departure of the designer, also Leonard’s ex-DA, after only two shows, we don’t know if she will work on the next presentation in March.

While the creative direction had been entrusted to Yiqing Yin, the general management was placed in the hands of the Belgian Anne Chapelle, who notably managed the brands Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann.


Lotus wants to release a luxury electric model


YOOX launches its new service “YOOX mirror”

photo: YOOX

Yoox Mirror is a personalized styling service available through its iOS application, powered by artificial intelligence and developed internally by the Yoox team.

Customers can see what the clothes look like on one of the many avatars, the one that best matches their own appearance or by uploading their own photo. They can share their favorite outfits and receive feedback from friends before buying, but also save their favorite items directly in their wish list, the DreamBox.

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According to the company, this service “allows customers to let their interior stylist speak for themselves”, using the application to “mix and match products and styles”.

It works with algorithms to detect visual elements such as color, pattern and cut. Virtual reality will then make it possible to adapt the selected elements on a 3D model, “by making them live in front of immersive and evocative backgrounds“.

The new feature will offer 250 products per week, grouped under nine themes: it will therefore not cover the entire inventory of the site.


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