[Luxus+ Magazine] Plamen Roussev or Itinerary of a spoiled child : from the acrobat musician to the accomplished businessman

Plamen Roussev, the young Bulgarian violinist who has moved to the West, has built up a “small personal monopoly” in France. He opened the first Alain Manoukian, Daniel Hechter, Lacoste franchises… He tells his story in “Le violon de ma liberté”. A sparkling and joyful meeting in his Parisian apartment.


The faithful housekeeper of Plamen Roussev announces to us that “Mister will be a little late”. The apartment is located on the 4th floor of a bourgeois building in the 8th district of Paris. We take the opportunity to admire the works of art in this nice apartment: paintings by Buffet, Delaunay, a sculpture by Modigliani… and a violin in love with a saxophone. Everything here breathes culture, gaiety, memories. It is the exact opposite of a “nouveau riche” residence whose decoration would have been entrusted to an interior designer. Plamen Roussev is a lover of the arts; he loves to hunt in antique shops and has a sure taste. He likes to acquire exceptional places, transform them by adding his personal touch. At the dawn of his 80 years, this is his favorite hobby.


Escape to the West




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Corine Moriou
Corine Moriou
Corine Moriou was a senior reporter for the L'Express group for 15 years. Today, she works as a freelance journalist in the fields of society, culture and escapism. Never blasé, always ready!

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