How Pernod Ricard India wants to promote diversity and inclusion

Pernod Ricard India has decided to accelerate its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace and culture.


Pernod Ricard India is introducing multiple high-impact measures aimed at creating a culture that allows its employees to feel safe and thrive at work. The group aims to put in place a comprehensive action plan aligned with its ambitious goals to provide a friendly workplace for all.


The status of women



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Featured photo : © Inclusive India


Hélène Cougot
Hélène Cougot
Passionate about art and fashion, Hélène went to a fashion design school: the Atelier Chardon-Savard. She then completed her training with an MBA in Marketing at ISG. She has written for the magazine Do it in Paris and specializes in writing articles about luxury, art and fashion for Luxus +.

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