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Paris stock market buoyed by luxury goods

Paris stock market buoyed by luxury goods

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The CAC 40 has posted a record rise since the first quarter of 2022. Flirting around 7300 points, the market has benefited greatly from the good health of the luxury goods sector. However, persistent fears about inflation, which are expected to maintain the restrictive policy of the U.S. Central Bank, are hovering over its future evolution.


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After more than 13 months, the CAC 40 has reached record highs. The Paris Stock Exchange index is still up on Wednesday. Shortly after 2:30 p.m., it was up 0.90% to 7278.40 points. An hour earlier, the CAC 40 had peaked at 7318.78 points, less than 1% off its record high of January 5, 2022 (7384.86).


The Paris stock market index is therefore holding at around 7300 points despite a context marked by persistent fears about inflation and the extension of the rate hike cycle. This buoyant momentum is largely attributable to the strength of luxury goods stocks. But the rise of the CAC 40 is also a repercussion of the Chinese central bank’s decision to inject new liquidity into the financial system. This is to meet the strong demand for credit after the end of health restrictions.


Luxury goods sector buoyant


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