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Atelier Versace Fragrance : Versace introduce new line of exclusive unisex fragrances

Atelier Versace Fragrance : Versace introduce new line of exclusive unisex fragrances

Through constant materials research workshop, with a high quality know-how, Versace has developed a new line of exclusive unisex fragrances entitled “Atelier Versace Fragrance”.

By Luxus Plus

This new line of top-of-the-range fragrances consists of 6 fragrances, diamond citron, rose shine, jasmine in the sun, white fig, woody sandalwood and red vanilla.

The fragrances are produced by EuroItalia, a leading company in the marketing of Italian perfumes, as well as all Versace perfumes. EuroItalia also produces Moschino’s perfumes.

The fragrance line is now available for sale in 13 boutiques and at Harrods, at a price of €345 per 100ml, compared to an average of €100 for others Versace’s fragrances.

The perfume is presented in a handmade transparent glass bottle, on which the name of the fragrance is manually written in a golden shade.

The vials are wrapped in a cardboard box with a hand-painted gold Greek Key border.

The box contains a mirror with the Atelier Versace logo painted in a gold tone.

In these six fragrances, I wanted to embrace all the values of haute couture,” Donatella Versace explained to MFF in an exclusive interview for the launch of the high-end collection.

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While consumers in the luxury sector develop an appetite for niche perfumes that meet and better correspond to their requirements in terms of personalization, exclusivity and prestige, companies in the luxury sector must adapt their offer in order to meet this demand.

In this respect, the new fragrance lines are moving towards exclusive products with new and precious scents.



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