[Luxus+ Magazine] More than 20 years on, the Lady Diana craze continues unabated

Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Rothesay, Lady Diana was one of, if not THE best-known member of the royal family. A tragic destiny and an unhappy life, this young princess left her mark too soon, not only for her rebellious side, but also for her inimitable style, which has endured through the ages and across generations. A true fashion icon, with a sense of style at the cutting edge of trends, she is today considered an icon.


Diana, Lady Di, Princess of Wales: so many names and nicknames that characterize the former wife of the current King of England. Who would have thought that today, in 2023, some would even call her a posthumous gen z influencer?


Lady Di, who died in 1997, left a lasting impression. Since her tragic death, numerous films, series and documentaries have paid tribute to her. Another amusing but also, and above all, rather intriguing fact is that she has a community on social networks through an instagram account christened Ladydirevengelooks, which now boasts over 116,000 subscribers.



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Une publication partagée par Princess Di (@ladydirevengelooks)


Oversized sweaters, bikers/sneakers, tomboy cuts, bombers, suits and evening gowns: the Princess of Wales was a true fashionista.


Now a world-famous star, her possessions sell for a fortune. Made up of valuable and not-so-valuable items, some of the sometimes unusual finds that once belonged to her have become almost objets d’art, snapped up by enthusiasts.


“Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does”.


Like many famous people who have passed on, many of Diana’s memorabilia are now being auctioned, and the sums reached are sometimes staggering. Starting with the thank-you letters the princess wrote when she received a gift. Close to her people and very humble, it is rumoured that she wrote thousands of thank-you letters after the birth of Prince William. Some of these letters, sold at auction, even exceeded $20,000. Things increase in value over time, and paper obviously does too!


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