Moncler invests Milan’s train station with the exhibition “An Invitation To Dream”

Under the impetus of Moncler and under the supervision of Jefferson Hack, Milano Centrale station hosts an impressive art exhibition.


Moncler is never short of ideas to promote culture. On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the Italian city will host numerous events from April 15 to 21. The brand Moncler, famous for its down jackets, has decided to transform Milano Centrale station into a giant art gallery.


Under the name “An Invitation To Dream,” this project organized by Jefferson Hack, an important figure in the media world and co-founder of the fashion magazine Dazed, showcases many personalities from the artistic sphere. Through a series of portraits featuring Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini, American artist Daniel Arsham, Indian physician Deepak Chopra, and British makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench, artist Jack Davison demonstrates his mastery of black-and-white photography and video.





An invitation to the imaginary


Visited daily by nearly 300,000 people, Milano Centrale station is the ideal place to host this immersive exhibition. All the surfaces of the station serve as canvases for the artists.

All the signs and billboards in the station will be connected to create a sort of imaginary landscape,” Moncler stated in a press release.



Texts, photos, videos, all means are good to capture the attention of passersby. Jefferson Hack is familiar with the exercise of transforming public spaces into artistic sanctuaries. The various works on display aim to “overcome the noise of the station like powerful silent invocations, urging the public to dream.”


5-star Casting


To create this impressive exhibition, Jefferson Hack and Moncler have invited many renowned artists. American playwright Jeremy O. Harris, ballet dancer Francesca Hayward, multidisciplinary artist from Sierra Leone Julianknxx, English chef Ruth Rogers, Anglo-Japanese singer Rina Sawayama, and South African architect Sumayya Vally are also part of this ambitious project.


We have brought together some of the brightest creative minds, who dare to dream for us. They are the ones shaping today’s world, as their work carries hope and possibilities, and that is why they have been chosen for this project,” Jefferson Hack stated.


Artist JR also on the program

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