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LVMH brings Venice to Saint Tropez

LVMH brings Venice to Saint Tropez

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One of the most exclusive addresses in Venice, Le Cipriani, is opening its restaurant in Saint-Tropez. The palace, which belongs to the Belmond group, owned by LVMH, brings the Dolce Vita to the French Riviera.


This ultra-confidential LVMH project, known only to a handful of beneficiaries, was built in total secrecy. The restaurant is as selective as its hotel brand, the Cipriani in Venice.

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A haven for the most glamorous celebrities, including Cary Grant, Al Pacino, Liz Taylor, George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, and Meryl Streep, the Cipriani in Venice is one of the most exclusive addresses in the Big Boot.



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