[Luxus+ Magazine] These Indian-origin bosses who have risen to the top of American tech

For a long time blocked by a glass ceiling in the United States, Indian engineers have enjoyed great recognition in large companies in recent years. Many of them are now reaching management positions and moving to Silicon Valley. What is the reason for this success?


Twitter, Microsoft, Alphabet…and the list goes on. Many leaders of Indian origin hold executive positions in the world’s largest companies. A dazzling achievement even though Indian immigrants represent only 1% of the U.S. population and 6% of Silicon Valley workers. But it wasn’t always this way.


“For a long time, Indian immigrants were stereotyped out of leadership roles: they were seen as excellent engineers but not as leaders”, says Indian entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa, a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University’s School of Engineering in Silicon Valley.


Colonial past


India’s colonial past has undeniably played a role in the development of the Indian diaspora. As a reminder of the British colonial era, English is not only the common language among the states of the country, but also the language of instruction in universities and colleges.


The colonial era brought much suffering to the Indian population and left a lasting impression on the mentality of many Indians, which is often more Westernized than it first appears.



The administration and legal system are still largely based on structures that were introduced to the subcontinent by the British. In addition, most families place a high value on education. Young people are encouraged to distinguish themselves from an early age in the face of countless competition. Only the best manage to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and succeed in the world’s second most populous country.



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