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Considered “the drink of the gods” by the Japanese, sake has long remained unknown in France. Often equated with rice alcohol rather than rice wine, sake suffers from a distorted image as a very strong digestive served at the end of meals in Chinese restaurants. On the occasion of Saké Nouveau, which will be in Paris from April 17 to May 14, (re)discover with us this mythical Japanese alcohol!


Perhaps it is time to clarify the name of sake, which is wrongly considered as a spirit in France… “Japanese sake is a rice beer that is drunk like a wine”, explains Xavier Thuizat, head sommelier at the Crillon and organizer of the Kura Master competition.


Since his discovery of Japan in high school, Youlin Ly has never lost his passion for the land of the rising sun and its culture. Today he is the founder of La Maison du Saké in Paris, holder of the title of Sake Samurai, and the initiator of Saké Nouveau. The event returns to Paris from April 17 to May 14, 2023.



Since 2018, the New Sake is an opportunity to become familiar with the emblematic drink of the Japanese art of living, still mysterious for the French, more used to wine or beer.


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