[Luxus+ Magazine] Meillart x Denni Elias : the countdown to Christmas is officially on

Cold December nights. To warm up during this winter period, Meillart and Dennis Elias have come up with three traditional Christmas tables : a so-British Christmas, a Kaleidoscope Christmas and a Christmas in golden hour. Interview with Marie d’Hoffschmidt, co-founder of Meillart, and influencer Denni Elias, artistic director of this exclusive collaboration.


Why did you choose Denni Elias ? 


Marie d’Hoffschmidt : When we met Denni, this collaboration was immediately obvious. First of all for his warm, curious and welcoming nature. Because a collaboration is above all a story of meeting people. Secondly, because this muse of Piaget and Cartier is distinguished by her taste for beauty, her knowledge of fashion and design, two worlds that often intersect, and by her creativity. And finally, because we were delighted to discover that Denni already collected some of our craftsmen’s pieces and that she had often rubbed shoulders with the world of exceptional craftsmen in her family and professional environment. The shoot took place in her Parisian flat. She imagined three Christmas tables and staged herself in front of each of them, giving us her advice on how to have the best Christmas ever.


© Meillart / Table “Golden Hour”


What made you decide to accept this collaboration ?


Denni Elias : What first attracted me to Meillart was the energy of the whole team: young, enthusiastic and open to all ideas for a platform like this.  Through this new initiative, I was excited to be part of these first chapters of Meillart, because everyone was willing to work and do more than expected, and the sense of collaboration was even stronger. Although my work in the luxury and fashion industry takes up most of my time, my passion for design and lifestyle has grown so much in recent years that I know that each of the objects we have selected will have a positive impact on the quality of life in our homes. Each piece is unique, beautiful and useful. I believe that our homes should be filled with items that have all three of these characteristics.


© Meillart / Table “So British”


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Featured photo : © Meillart


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