[Luxus+ Magazine] Meeting with an artist (Episode 5) : Florence Gendre, the art of technical dexterity in the service of styles

A lifelong draughtswoman, Florence Gendre is a talented artist who combines a meticulous technicality, a remarkable elegance and a universe rich in styles and inspirations. From pencil to watercolor, ink to pen or brush, she creates for architecture, fashion, jewelry, watchmaking, mechanics and even virology. A member of the French Society of Botanical Illustration and the Art of the Engraved Stamp, her creations for the French Post Office, the Museum of Natural History, and major companies such as Chanel, Cartier, and Piaget reveal a unique aesthetic and astounding precision. For Luxus Plus, Florence Gendre reveals her career path and her inspirations.




How did you become a designer?


I was born into a family of artists. My great-grandmother, a great traveler, was already drawing. My great-grandfather made toys with which I had fun all my youth, my grandmother studied fine arts, my mother was a bookbinder… And since childhood, I draw. I was born with a pencil in my hand. Very early my parents made me take painting and modeling classes.




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Featured Photo : © Carl Labrosse


Picture of Celia Mastorchio-Fabbri
Celia Mastorchio-Fabbri
[EN] CÉLIA MASTORCHIO-FABBRI IS AN ARTIST AND PROFESSIONAL OF DIGITAL COMMUNICATION. GRADUATED FROM AN ESC IN LUXURY BUSINESS, SHE WROTE A BOOK ON ARTKETING AND LEGITIMATE COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN ART AND LUXURY. HAVING ACQUIRED HER SKILLS WITH SEVERAL BRANDS, NOTABLY BETWEEN LONDON AND PARIS, THROUGH A DIGITAL AGENCY, SHE WAS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF A JEWELLERY WEBSITE. TODAY, SHE CREATES NARRATIVE AND VISUAL CONTENT (ILLUSTRATIONS, PHOTOGRAPHS, COLLAGES, ANIMATIONS...) TO ACCOMPANY THE HOUSES, PARTICULARLY JEWELLERS, IN THE DEPLOYMENT OF THEIR IDENTITY. ****** [FR] Célia Mastorchio-Fabbri est une artiste et professionnelle de la communication digitale. Diplômée d'une ESC en Luxury Business, elle a écrit un livre sur l’Artketing et les collaborations légitimes entre l'Art et le Luxe. Ayant acquis ses compétences auprès de plusieurs marques, notamment entre Londres et Paris, en passant par une agence digitale, elle fut également responsable du management d'un site joaillier. Aujourd'hui, elle crée des contenus narratifs et visuels (illustrations, photographies, collages, animations…) pour accompagner les Maisons, particulièrement joaillières, dans le déploiement de leur identité.

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