[Luxus+ Magazine] How does mental health affect the skin ?

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the print edition of the 2022 spring-summer issue of Luxus+ Mag. Click hereto see the full issue.

As the language of our inner self, the skin is very often the reflection of the emotions we feel in our innermost being. And their translation is visible through the appearance of sudden skin problems. This article highlights the lively connection between the brain and the epidermis.


To understand the relationship between the brain and the skin, we have to go back to the embryonic stage. During the first three months of intrauterine life, the skin and the nervous system become one, forming what is known as the “ectoderm”. And since this process, there is a constant flow of communication between the skin, between neuro-mediators and nerve endings, the latter being located on the skin!


Thus, thanks to these endings, the skin is able to transmit a very large number of messages to the brain and vice versa. In simple terms, when we feel bad or have an overflow of emotions, our skin will feel it directly and can be damaged by the appearance of skin problems.


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