[Luxus+ Magazine] Batonnat de Paris : Pierre Hoffman unveils his joint program with Vanessa Bousardo

Pierre Hoffman has been a partner at Hoffman for more than 18 years. He assists his clients in preventing and defending their intellectual property, competition, and distribution rights, as well as in digital and personal data.

He is now running for the 2024 Bâtonnat and Vice-Bâtonnat with Vanessa Bousardo, whose elections will be held on June 27 and 29. He unveils their program and exposes his vision of his profession, exclusively for LuxusPlus.


LuxusPlus : What do you find most rewarding about being a lawyer?


Pierre Hoffman : I would simply say be useful by helping others. To realize that a negotiation or a pleading can change the course of things for a person or a company is the most rewarding thing in my eyes. But being a lawyer is a lifelong commitment to others, and often what makes it so noble and difficult is a fight against oneself.


LP : How do you think the legal profession has evolved over the last few years, and how has it affected your practice?


P.H : Our profession has changed in the image of our society with the advent of digital technology. Traditional litigation has declined with a “diversification,” and the culture is no longer that of a fight between two parties with a judge who will arbitrate but rather that of compromise and the search for an agreement with mediation. The lawyer will eventually become more and more of an arbitrator and conciliator. Finally, the dimension of advice has increased for clients who are more and more connected.


LP : How can lawyers help companies manage their image, especially when consumers are increasingly sensitive to ethics and transparency?



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