Luxury packaging: 5 initiatives for the environment

Packaging can be a decisive factor in the act of purchase, and luxury brands don’t neglect it. From product presentation to choice of materials, every detail counts. Increasingly, it is part of an artistic approach to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele. The latter has also evolved, becoming more attentive to ecological issues. To mark World Environment Day, held on Monday June 5, discover a selection of five eco-responsible packaging solutions in the high-end sector.


At a time when major companies are placing increasing emphasis on eco-responsibility and sustainability, packaging is playing an increasingly crucial role, particularly in the luxury goods industry.


Above all, packaging has a practical function. It facilitates and optimizes transport, storage in warehouses and stores, and presentation at the point of sale. The luxury sector is also influenced by the growth of e-commerce. Packaging thus becomes a means of enhancing the shopping experience on the brand’s website or on sales platforms. Packaging thus plays an important role as a marketing lever, particularly for luxury products. Indeed, the quality of the packaging reflects the attention paid to the items themselves, and conveys the brand’s values.


Several elements are essential in luxury packaging, from personalization to the exploitation of the senses. But nowadays, it has also become crucial to integrate sustainable development aspects, such as reducing over-packaging.


Discover five eco-responsible luxury packaging initiatives:


Gucci’s sustainable packaging in 2021


Decorated with an elegant green embossed motif, Gucci’s bags and boxes use paper and cardboard from responsibly managed sources. To facilitate recycling, the paper is solution-dyed from the start of its life cycle and is not coated with plastic. What’s more, the black handles are made from 100% recycled polyester and are knotted to avoid the use of glues and facilitate component separation. Embellished with Gucci’s black logo, the natural-colored protective covers and carrying cases for the suits are made from regenerated cotton with recycled polyester elements. Ribbons are 100% organic cotton, and hangers are made from recycled polystyrene.



When it comes to packaging for online orders, Gucci has also introduced specific freight-related innovations. The House has developed a reusable cotton tote bag, fillers and adhesive strips made from responsibly sourced paper. It has also created a reversible outer box that can be reused for returns, as well as a multi-purpose packaging designed to best adapt to the product it contains. This optimizes transport and reduces the number of vehicles needed, thus reducing the carbon footprint.


Boucheron jewel cases in 2023


In June 2023, the famous jewelry brand Boucheron unveiled its first eco-designed jewel cases. These creations combine aesthetics and environmental values, using only two natural, traceable and recyclable materials: aluminum and wool felt, certified by the Responsible Wool Standard Label. Compared with the brand’s previous cases, they are on average twice as light. What’s more, they are designed without glue, stitching or flap systems, facilitating recycling operations.



The logic of eco-design also applies to the gift packaging, which is replaced by a cotton pouch made from 65% recycled material. The latter has been designed to be reused as a travel pouch. These launches are part of Boucheron’s CSR development strategy, entitled “Precious for the Future”. By 2025, the House is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by 40%, while integrating 95% recycled gold and only 5% from artisanal mines into its collections.


Ruinart’s second skin in 2020


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Featured photo : © Ruinart


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