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Luxury carmakers welcome easing of ban on internal combustion engines after 2035

Luxury carmakers welcome easing of ban on internal combustion engines after 2035

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An agreement has been reached between Germany and the European Commission to exempt ICE cars that use e-fuels from the 2035 sales ban. This exemption will benefit manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche, known for their powerful internal combustion engines.


Will combustion engines disappear completely in 2035? Yesterday, the Council of the European Union announced a ban on the sale of new cars with combustion engines from 2035. Germany, which had been lobbying for several weeks to avoid this decision, finally won! It will still be possible to buy a new car that is not 100% electric after this deadline, but on one condition: it will have to run on synthetic fuels, also called e-fuels.


E-fuels are renewable fuels produced by using renewable electricity to synthesize products such as natural gas, diesel and gasoline. Although they emit CO2 when burned, the emissions are supposed to be equal to the amount removed from the atmosphere to produce the fuel, making them neutral overall.


The EU has committed to making a proposal to that effect by the end of 2024. This decision has been welcomed by the major German and luxury car manufacturers.


Synthetic fuel and electricity for Ferrari


Ferrari, which expects electric and hybrid models to account for 80 percent of its model lineup by 2030, compared with 20 percent still powered by internal combustion engines, said the exemption would allow it to continue production of the latter category of vehicles longer.


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“This decision is very interesting for us because it allows internal combustion engines to exceed 2036”, said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna at a press conference organized by Reuters.



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