Lucibel successfully raises €1.95 million to boost growth

Lucibel has raised 1.95 million euros to strengthen its financial position and support its technical and commercial development. The fund-raising received strong support from shareholders, testifying to their confidence in the growth prospects of the company specializing in lighting technologies.


Lucibel, a specialist in lighting technologies, has raised 1.95 million euros in its capital increase with shareholders’ preferential subscription rights.


Although this amount was slightly less than the 2.15 million euros initially envisaged, the operation enabled the Normandy-based company to strengthen its balance sheet and support its technical and commercial development projects.


The capital increase, which ran from May 3 to May 17, 2024, involved the issue of 4,534,667 new shares at a unit price of 0.43 euro. This operation attracted a total demand of 4.5 million shares, or 90.66% of the amount initially expected.


“I would like to thank both existing and new shareholders for their commitment and confidence in this operation,” said Frédéric Granotier, Lucibel’s founding Chairman and CEO. “This capital increase strengthens our balance sheet and increases our agility in conquering our strategic objectives.”


Reducing debt


The funds raised will give Lucibel a cash flow horizon of over twelve months, ensuring the continuity of its operations.


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Featured photo : © Lucibel

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