Louis Vuitton diversifies into tableware

Louis Vuitton explores the art of the table as a new territory of expression. Entitled The Art of Dining Collection, this new permanent line features porcelain tableware as well as colored glasses and blown Murano glass decanters.


Louis Vuitton conquers the art of living. This summer, guests at its ephemeral Tropezian restaurant at White 1921, run by Arnaud Donckele and Maxime Frédéric, were able to dine in its monogrammed tableware. And now, LVMH’s flagship brand is offering this permanent universe to the public.


Comprising some thirty pieces, the collection includes plates, bowls, teacups, saucers, glasses, decanters, placemats and napkins, as well as teapots. It has been on sale since November 17 on the luxury trunk-maker’s e-commerce site and in selected Louis Vuitton boutiques.


Louis Vuitton’s new Art de la table universe reflects its singular identity, a skilful blend of modern inspiration and classicism.


A new territory of perennial expression


Three distinct lines stand out in this new universe. The first highlights the monogrammed floral Limoges porcelain tile in a soft white and blue monochrome. The ensemble offers a revisited 17th-century inspiration. It was this range that served as the setting for Louis Vuitton’s summer restaurant in Saint-Tropez this summer.


Tableware served this summer at Louis Vuitton’s seasonal restaurant at White 1921 in Saint-Tropez © Louis Vuitton


The second line features a series of Twisted Glass glasses that evoke a Mediterranean ambience as much as a cosy chalet by the fire. These come in bold hues – pure crystal, sapphire blue, amber, emerald and Venetian ruby – with the transparency of a watercolor painting.


Finally, Italian inspiration runs through the third and final line. These are decanters made by Murano master glassmaker Simone Cenedese.


A movement that follows the need for communion


With its new range of products, the world’s most powerful luxury brand is following the trend towards diversification into tableware that is making headway among luxury brands.

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Featured Photo: © Louis Vuitton

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