Los Angeles: the new anchor point of Chanel

After Dakar and the Métiers d’art collection in 2022, head to the City of Angels. The emblematic fashion house Chanel presented its new cruise collection on Tuesday within the walls of Paramount Studios, which recalls Coco Chanel’s close relationship with American cinema.


Last Friday, a new Chanel flagship opened its doors to prestigious guests and the general public in the famous Beverly Hills neighborhood. A week later, it’s in the same city, but in a completely different place that the fashion house has put its bags and creations, to present its latest cruise collection. But why did Chanel choose Los Angeles?


Between fashion and cinema


The story goes back to the 1930s. Gabrielle Chanel, designer of the House and great couturier, left Paris at the request of the famous American film producer Samuel Goldwyn, to design the costumes for some of his films. He was seduced by the designer’s talent and French style, and she discovered new opportunities across the Atlantic. Since then, the link between the Parisian fashion house and the City of Angels has continued and continues to evolve.


Virginie Viard, artistic director of the House since the death of the Kaiser in 2019, has chosen to return to these iconic lands. And this, by delivering a new cruise show, while paying tribute to Chanel and its designer.



Yes, come back, because it is not the first time that the French label by the conquest of the the American soil. In 2007, it chose Santa Monica Airport in Malibu to present its annual cruise collection. 16 years later, things have not changed, or almost…



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Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere is a young journalist. She has a passion for fashion and culture, and has recently discovered an interest in cars. Her playful writing is characterized by a rich lexicon and a direct and spontaneous tone. Her precise glossary eliminates uncertainty.

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