Leonardo DiCaprio invests in sustainable watchmaking with ID Geneva

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in ID Geneva, a Swiss brand specializing in the creation of watches made from recycled materials and with a low carbon footprint. More than just providing funds, the actor brings significant visibility to this eco-sustainable production method.


This is sure to boost his popularity! The Swiss startup ID Geneva, specialized in creating luxury watches from recycled materials, successfully secured funding from investors, including Swiss backers, among whom is the American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.


Based in Geneva, the startup announced on October 17th that it had raised 2.1 million euros. This infusion of funds provides the company with the opportunity to explore sustainable production methods.




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“Two million is not a lot in the watchmaking industry,” admitted Nicolas Freudiger, one of the co-founders and the CEO of the brand. Nevertheless, this amount raised will provide ID Geneva, consisting of only seven employees, including its co-founders, with the opportunity to continue their research on materials and increase their production capacity.


The participation of the American actor among its investors is perceived as an opportunity for the startup “to gain years of development,” he rejoiced.


Eco-responsibility challenge


ID Geneva is a brand specialized in the production of luxury mechanical watches, founded in 2020 by three young entrepreneurs in their thirties. They distinguish themselves by emphasizing their commitment to using only recycled or recyclable materials from ethical sources and by employing low carbon footprint production processes.


“We are creating a new horological identity, pioneering in defining a new paradigm for the watchmaking industry. We want to inspire as many people as possible to match their words with actions,” explained Nicolas Freudiger.


This investment aligns coherently with the environmental advocate image that Leonardo DiCaprio has cultivated, as well as with his previous investments in various companies. Among these are businesses focused on satellite mapping (Nuview), meat substitutes (Beyond Meat), organic champagne production (Telmont), lab-grown diamonds (Diamond Foundry), eco-friendly shoes (Allbirds), and vegan sneakers (Loci).


“I’m thrilled to have invested in ID Geneva, a brand that is driving change in the luxury industry – and beyond – through a constant innovation-based approach and principles of the circular economy,” commented Leonardo DiCaprio.


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Photo à la Une : ©ID Genève

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