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Cheval Blanc Paris, a luxury hotel at the Samaritaine

Cheval Blanc Paris, a luxury hotel at the Samaritaine

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After sixteen years of closure, the Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf will open its doors to the general public tomorrow. To mark the occasion, LVMH is unveiling a photo of the Cheval Blanc Paris house.


After Saint-Tropez and Saint-Barthélemy, it is in Paris that the new hotel of the Cheval Blanc group will open its doors on 7 September. It is thanks to many passionate craftsmen and artists that the Cheval Blanc Paris was able to come into being, such as Edouard François who renovated the listed building. LVMH was also able to count on the architect Peter Marino, known for his talent and exuberant personality. It was this same artist who was responsible for the decoration of the Louis Vuitton boutique on Place Vendôme.

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Featured photo : © LVMH

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