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Lanvin Group sales take off

Lanvin Group sales take off

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The Lanvin Group today announced its financial results for the first half of 2022, which ended in June. Its sales soared 73% to 200 million euros.


The Lanvin Group is pleased with “one of the highest growth rates in the global luxury goods industry”. It sees this as the success of an improved product and merchandising strategy.


For Joann Cheng, the Lanvin Group’s CEO, it “continues to deliver on its strategy, with record results in the first half and momentum continuing to build across all brands, markets and sales channels.

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The performance was driven by Europe and North America, where half-year revenues increased by 91% and 58% respectively. In China, despite numerous restrictions due to Covid-19 in Asia, sales increased by 32%.



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Featured photo : © Lanvin

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