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Kenzo: a fashion video game that promises dream gifts

Kenzo: a fashion video game that promises dream gifts

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After Chanel, it’s the House of KENZO that launches its video game for the end of the year celebrations. In addition to its entertaining side, this one offers advantages to the players, including an invitation to the next Paris Fashion Week.


Entitled The KENZO run, the video game of the subsidiary of the Lvmh group challenges players to get the best score in order to win various benefits. The most coveted prize is expected to be an exclusive seat for the next fashion show during Fashion Week, along with airfare and a hotel stay.


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To participate, you have to choose a character and guide him/her through Kenzo city, a Japanese-inspired digital city. The objective is to collect as many Boké flowers as possible, tokens inspired by the House’s iconic designs, while avoiding obstacles and discovering shortcuts.


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