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Jeremy Scott leaves Moschino

Jeremy Scott leaves Moschino

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The star brand of the Aeffe group has just announced the departure of the American artistic director who had so well embraced its rebellious and humorous style. The name of his (her) replacement has not been revealed, nor the new destination of Jeremy Scott.


Karl Lagerfeld saw in Jeremy Scott his only possible successor at Chanel after his death! The last time I checked, Virginie Viard is still in charge of the style of the Maison Cambon! But Jeremy Scott has regained his freedom after a decade spent at the style of Moschino.


The flagship house of the Italian fashion group Aeffe has just announced in a statement that Jeremy Scott “left his role as creative director“.


The president of Aeffe, Massimo Ferretti, thanked Jeremy Scott “for his ten years of commitment to the house and for launching a distinctive and joyful vision that will always be part of the history of Moschino.


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The designer said he was “really proud of the work done” during these ten years, which “have been a fantastic celebration of creativity and imagination“.


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