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ISG Luxury Management Webinar: What to remember about Chantal Thomass’ presentation!

ISG Luxury Management Webinar: What to remember about Chantal Thomass’ presentation!

Webinar Chantal Thomass

The famous fashion designer Chantal Thomass was the guest of the third edition of the luxury meetings organized by ISG Luxury Management. Hosted by Claire Domergue, Publishing Director of Luxus+, this 100% digital meeting focused on the values defended by a fashion icon and her vision of the luxury universe of today and tomorrow.


This new webinar of Luxury appointments was introduced on November 23rd live on Facebook and Youtube by Sylvain Gandolfo, the national director of ISG Luxury management. And for the occasion, after the now journalist and influential Malika Menard, ISG Luxury Management called upon the icon of French fashion for over 50 years, Chantal Thomass.


Throughout her dazzling career, Chantal Thomass has worked with many prestigious collaborators and during this meeting she will look back on her exemplary career while revealing some of the keys to success.


Coming from a generation of innovative designers from the early 1970s such as Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel, Claude Montana, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and Anne Marie Beretta, Chantal Thomass became friends with them and followed the same evolution. The designer stands out for her extravagant and original creations, perfectly embodying the feminine and glamorous values of our time.


The fashion designer and founder of her lingerie line of the same name has marked her time to this day, embodying the character of a woman with strong values, recognizable among many others by her allure and her eternal fringe. Between glamour and sensuality, Chantal Thomass redefines the codes of feminine seduction, rejects trends and manages to stand out from the start by creating her own style.


Chantal Thomass approaches ready-to-wear like never before. She manages to build her own brand identity, stands out from the other designers of her time and attracts the curiosity of the press. Its objective has always been, and still is today, to find that as yet unexplored novelty, a new and innovative idea. This is how Chantal Thomass has always defined herself.


After a career that began in 1973 in ready-to-wear before sliding into women’s lingerie, Chantal Thomass enjoys discovering new professions and know-how such as interior furniture, tableware, or men’s lingerie.


The fashion industry has evolved over the years, driven by trends and technological and societal innovations.


Today’s designer no longer has the same resources, especially with the influence of marketing, which has become an integral part of the development of today’s collections: “I hope we’ll let them do what they want to do, that we won’t direct them. We have to let the designer create, let them decide, let them innovate,” says Chantal Thomass. “Because in general, marketing people tend to tell you that you have to do this, because such a person did it last year, and it was good. So if such a person did it last year, that’s just what you don’t want to do.”


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Chantal Thomass insists on the duty of today’s new designers to follow their personality in creation, and the fact that one can obviously be inspired by past trends, but one must also know how to rework them by developing a completely different and modern idea: “I think a designer must have his personality, must have his style. And indeed, the designers of my generation like Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo, Claude Montana, did not follow the trend, everyone had a style. Trends bridle creations.”


Today’s creators and brands are also facing new and crucial challenges, particularly with regard to the environment. Brands are increasingly adopting a CSR approach, the social responsibility of companies, and are becoming aware of the importance of ethics today, both on an environmental and societal level. Chantal Thomass sees this as something “difficult to control, […] how to control a fabric you buy somewhere, how to know if it has been made under ideal conditions. It’s true that it’s not simple at all, you have to do it, it’s true that you need it, but it shouldn’t prevent creation either.”


Chantal Thomass, an avant-garde creator from the very beginning, defines today’s woman as a free woman, who chooses and decides about her life, and defines herself as a woman who is convinced that she can do something different, and who has been lucky enough to be able to do with her life what she loves: inventing, creating, working in factories in different trades. Quite simply, defined by curiosity.




Featured Photo : © Presse

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