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Interparfums made a splash in 2022

Interparfums made a splash in 2022

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Interparfums announced record annual results on Wednesday. Executives also expressed confidence for 2023.


A surprising growth. Interparfums, the manufacturer and distributor of licensed perfumes created in 1982, published its annual results for the year 2022 on Wednesday. Already published in January, sales reached 706.6 million euros, up 26%, 94% of which was generated internationally.


Net profit attributable to the group rose by 40% to 99.5 million euros. Interparfums also reported a 33% increase in income from operations to 131.8 million euros. 131.8 million, bringing the margin to 18.7% of revenues, compared to 17.6% in 2021.


These excellent results exceed expectations. The listed group expected its operating margin to exceed 17%, while analysts were forecasting an average net profit attributable to the group of only 88.9 million euros and an operating profit of 121.2 million euros.

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