Interparfums announces record sales for 2023

The French group announces record sales for the 2023 financial year. This represents significant sales growth of 13%, demonstrating strong demand for its flagship brands. Full financial results will be released on February 28.


Interparfums has unveiled an outstanding performance for the 2023 financial year. The perfume manufacturer and distributor has posted sales of almost 800 million euros, representing significant growth of 13% compared to 2022.


“Interparfums achieves another record year in 2023, in a dynamic market, particularly in the first part of the financial year”, a “primarily organic performance with volume growth of around 11.5%, reflecting continued strong demand for the portfolio’s flagship brands”, while “almost all geographic regions are progressing”, the group says in a statement.


Interparfums’ full financial results for fiscal 2023 will be released on February 28.


Growth driven by North America


North America remains Interparfums’ main market, generating sales of €323 million, up 13%. The Asia region posted sales of 116 million euros in 2023 (+18%), says the group, which also points out that “the Chinese market has returned to a positive trend in recent months, with sales up 1% over the year”.


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Featured photo : ©Interparfums

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