Hyeres Festival 2023 : Belgian creator Igor Dierick triply awarded

The thirty-eighth edition of the Festival d’Hyères came to a close on Sunday October 15. Young artists were rewarded in the fashion, photography and accessories categories. In fashion, the young Belgian Igor Dieryck was a three-time winner, winning the Première Vision Grand Prix du Jury, the Prix du Public and the Prix 19M.


Over its hundred-year history, the Villa Noailles has seen a host of talented artists pass through its doors. And high up in the hills of Hyères, in southeastern France, it has continued to host a festival for the past thirty-eight years, showcasing the very best in young international creation. No fewer than eight prizes were awarded at this year’s Festival d’Hyères.



A tribute schedule


The 2023 program also featured the creations of the ten finalists in the fashion, accessories and photo competitions.


It was also possible to admire several exhibitions, each featuring one of the jury presidents: first Charles de Vilmorin for the fashion jury, Luis Alvarez for the photo jury, and finally Alan Crocetti for the accessories jury. To celebrate the Villa Noailles’ century of existence, Stéphane Ashpool, the official designer of French Olympic champions’ uniforms, also proposed a tribute to Viscount Charles and his wife Marie-Laure de Noailles. The latter was also the subject of a dedicated exhibition by stylist and researcher Emilie Hammen, in collaboration with some of today’s top fashion designers.


An eclectic panel of judges

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