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How did Ukraine’s largest luxury shop adapt to the war ?

How did Ukraine’s largest luxury shop adapt to the war ?

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Tsum, the iconic department stores’ in Kiev, Ukraine, has had to adapt to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


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TSUM is an iconic Kiev department stores’ located in the city’s historic district at the intersection of Khreschatik and Bohdana Khmelnytskoho streets.


In 2016, the shop reopened, keeping its historic 1939 facade intact, after extensive work to become a high-end tourist and shopping destination. The 6th floor is entirely dedicated to Ukraine’s first food hall, housing 25 outlets on a total area of 3,200 sqm. The principle of the hall is “see-try-buy” and combines farmers’ market, gastronomy and buffet; the 7th floor with cafes, bars and restaurants occupies an area of 3,500 m² with panoramic terraces overlooking Kiev.



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Featured photo : © Tsum Kiev

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