Hermès re-opens its store on George V Avenue, Ulysse Nardin reinforces presence in France and the other news of the day


Hermès re-opens its store on George V Avenue, Ulysse Nardin reinforces presence in France with 5 new stores and the other news of the day.

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Hermès re-opens its store on George V Avenue

photo: Hermès

Two years ago, the Hermès boutique closed its doors for renovation. Inaugurated on Tuesday evening for the VIPs, the store will officially re-open on Wednesday morning. 

The store has been expanded after the purchase of the building located 42, Avenue George V. It extends on 3 floors and 555 square meters where “creation, savoir-faire and french craftmanship are enlighted through excellent collections and materials ” added the french House.

All the universes of the brand- silk, perfumes, leatherwork- are represented with the decoration and the architecture of the store.

The biggest innovation is the custom-made space dedicated to men. Decorated with baroque mouldings and  a plam leaves pattern, in a grey blue atmosphere, the room constrats with the pearly pink women space.

The re-opening of this storecould be the occasion for the brand to revive their sales of the Birkin bag which are falling down since the beginning of 2018.



Ulysse Nardin reinforces presence in France

photo: Ulysse Nardin

Founded by M. Ulysse Nardin in 1846 and part of Kering since 2014, the House Ulysse Nardin wrote one of the most beautiful chapter of watchmaking history.

The brand is particularly famous thanks to its link with the marine world : its on-board chronometers are one of the most reliable ones ever and are still popular among collectors.

The excellent quality of its products enabled the brand to figure among the group of swiss whatchmaking brands : the Fondation of Luxury Watchmaking. Today, from Le Locle and La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin pursuits perfection with 5 collections : Marine, Diver, Classic, Executive et Freak.

With a network of 13 points of sales by the end of 2018, the House Ulysse Nardin affirms its growth on the french market and continues its development strategy in partnership with multibrands stores. Their distribution has been expanded with a better presence in regional departments and in « travel retail » networks (boats and airports).

5 new stores will open soon in France. More info on  www.ulysse-nardin.com



STAYY, the new premium platform of rental management

HOSTMAKER, the rental mangement company revealed its new platform : STAYY with HOSTMAKER.

Launched in Paris, this new platform enables to rent a place for a couple of days, months or  even a year. Clients can choose between selected housings in the most popular neighborhood of Paris and enjoy a 24/24 and 7/7 personal service.

The platform implanted on multiple continents is now famous on an  international level and helped more than 275 000 consumers  find a place to stay. Whatch out Airbnb…

ME. LAND x Le Bon Marché

photo: Me.Land avec P.

P. is a parisian street artist. His name is Pierre Merriaux with two R and his logo with 3 P. Every night, he walks around Paris streets and leaves his print with tags everywhere on the walls, the floor, the mirrors and the pavement. Today, his creations wake the street art up in « Paname ». Inspired by biology, his creations are made with multiple patterns, shapes and curves. Bright colors fill his drawings and make them shine in the streets of Paris.

ME.LAND is a handmade shoes brand. Inspired by «  wise boys but rebels », the brand offers a wide range of confortable shoes made with unusual materials and colors. A real way of life. The philosphy of this adventure is simple : Stay wise ? Follow the rules ? Why not. But with originality !

One shoe reflects an attitude, a material and beauty in one piece.

Pierre Merriaux uses homemade inks and markers to draw on every shoes. A contemporary way to reinvent the artisanal patina technique. Finally, he adds glaze for a better quality.

A stunning result, a piece of art that you can wear everyday, a unique pair of shoes designed and signed by the artist.




Live workshop at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche on November 24-25 and December 1-2 2018 from 2pm to 6pm.


Dolce & Gabbana accused of racism

photo: Dolce & Gabbana

The brand Dolce & Gabbana has been accused of racism after they posted several videos featuring an asian model eating italian specialities with chopsticks.

The aim of the videos was the promotion of their new campaign « DG loves China. »

Following the scandal, their fashion show in Shangai has been canceled by the International Affairs Bureau. Their customers are also angry and threaten to boycott the brand until they apologize publicly.




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