Hermès, champion of the reindustrialization of luxury goods in France

After a record year in 2022, Hermès is continuing to expand with sales growth of 22% in the first quarter of 2023. A key player in the reindustrialization of the luxury goods industry in France, the brand is creating more and more new factories in the country.


Hermès, one of the jewels of French luxury, continues to make people dream. For several years now, the brand has been implementing a development plan, focusing on the creation of new factories in France and the transmission of know-how. A success made in France.


“French know-how is sought after by our customers around the world, particularly in Asia. Hermès is a company that has developed in France on the basis of this very old know-how”, Guillaume de Seynes, managing director of the Hermès group’s upstream division and holdings, told Europe 1.


Since 2010, Hermès’ sales have increased nearly fivefold, reaching 11.6 billion euros in 2022, including 5 billion euros in leather goods. And with sales up 22% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2023, Hermès continues to grow.


Popular leather goods


Among the products that make the brand successful is its leather goods, which are entirely made in France. Saddlery and leather goods, the company’s core business, accounted for 43 percent of Hermès sales in 2022.


“We have thousands of artisans throughout France who make our leather goods and we remain attached to this manufacturing model”, Guillaume de Seynes explains. “This artisanal model is obviously linked to our history, to the fact that we started with saddlery, then we applied this know-how to leather goods and they are the foundation of the quality of the Hermès object, which is still our goal.”



Saddlery and leather goods represent an artisanal know-how to which Hermès is strongly attached. And the group also trains its future craftsmen.



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