On the occasion of the UN’s International Forest Day on 21 March, Hennessy is launching its Forest Destination programme.


The Hennessy Cognac house has a project called Forest Destination. Initiated in 2020, it aims to regenerate 50,000 hectares of forest by 2030. The forest and the trees are a major issue for the spirits house because the taste of its spirits depends on the quality of the oak wood that will allow them to age and develop their flavours.


But beyond production itself, protecting the forests also helps slow down global warming. Laurent Bobillot, President of Hennessy, said : “Hennessy has always cultivated the long term casinos in österreich. It has been able to see far into space and into the future. Today, the future of humanity depends in particular on our ability to meet a colossal challenge, that of preserving and regenerating forest ecosystems. This challenge goes beyond individual interests. With Forest Destination, we want to act, to participate in a collective movement and to make a concrete contribution to the common good.”



Since 2020, Hennessy has been carrying out concrete actions in all the areas where the company is present. In France, the collaboration with the National Forestry Office (ONF) will make it possible to replant 27,055 oak trees over 25 hectares in the Braconne forest in Charente, which was particularly affected by storm Martin in 1999. Internationally, the partnership with Reforest’Action allows us to work as closely as possible with ecosystems in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, but also in China and the United States.


Last year, the company contributed to the planting of more than 2.2 million trees on 4,800 hectares, through reforestation, forest restoration and agroforestry projects throughout the world.





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