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Hainan: inauguration of the world’s largest duty-free shopping mall

Hainan: inauguration of the world’s largest duty-free shopping mall

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On October 28, the world’s largest duty-free shopping mall was inaugurated in Haikou, the capital of Hainan, an island in southern China.


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The Haikou International Duty Free or the Eldorado of tax-free luxury. Located on the Chinese island of Hainan, this new complex was conceived by the China Tourism Group Duty Free (CDF), recently listed on the stock exchange.


It covers 280,000 square meters. It is larger than Florida’s largest shopping mall, Aventura, and exceeds Westfield-London, Europe’s largest shopping center.


The difference? This complex is entirely dedicated to duty-free shopping. The group describes it as “the largest duty-free store in the world” and is becoming a domestic tourism engine for Hainan City. Since the introduction of a zero covid policy on the mainland, this southern Chinese island has become the alternative to overseas travel for Chinese citizens.


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