Gucci chooses Davika Hoorne as its first Thai ambassador

Gucci has chosen Thai actress Davika Hoorne to embody both the brand’s image and that of its beauty universe, a first for the brand. It’s also the first time the Florentine fashion house has appointed an artist from Thailand as one of its brand ambassadors. A choice linked to the potential of the Thai luxury market.


This strategy demonstrates Gucci’s determination to break into Asian markets other than China, Japan and South Korea.


If Hanni, leader of the K-pop group New Jeans, was present at the last cruise show, so was Davika Hoorne.


The new face of Gucci and Gucci Beauty


Her name probably doesn’t ring a bell, yet she’s considered the most beautiful woman in Thailand.


Not only was she front row at the post-Alessandro Michele cruise show at Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Korean Palace last May, but also at the Gucci Ancora show at Milan’s Gucci Hub last month.


Davika Hoorne, 31, is now the face of Gucci and Gucci Beauty.


She is not only the brand’s first Thai ambassador, but also the first to embody the House from a holistic point of view. Indeed, unlike muses, who can embody a brand in all its products, ambassadors are usually confined to a specific universe.


This change speaks volumes about the brand’s desire to stop concentrating its efforts on promoting its iconic bags alone. Other accessories and beauty are just as important, especially in an inflationary context.


Gucci chose Davika Hoorne as much for her fanbase (17.96 million followers on instagram) as for her multicultural identity.

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Featured photo: © Gucci

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Victor Gosselin
Victor Gosselin is a journalist specializing in luxury, HR, tech, retail, and editorial consulting. A graduate of EIML Paris, he has been working in the luxury industry for 9 years. Fond of fashion, Asia, history, and long format, this ex-Welcome To The Jungle and Time To Disrupt likes to analyze the news from a sociological and cultural angle.

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