Groupe Barrière aims to restore the reputation of the emblematic Fouquet’s

Since the change of management in 2023, Groupe Barrière has embarked on a strategic overhaul. It aims to elevate its iconic establishments to even more prestigious levels, as evidenced by the planned renovation of Le Fouquet’s in Paris.


Since the takeover by the family holding company, embodied by Alexandre Barrière and Joy Desseigne-Barrière, Groupe Barrière has embarked on a strategic overhaul aimed at revitalizing its image.


“We have particularly luxurious hotels such as those in Courchevel, New York and the Majestic in Cannes, and we have iconic establishments that we want to make even more premium and desirable”, announces its new CEO Grégory Rabuel, without naming Le Normandy and Le Royal in Deauville, as well as L’Hermitage and Le Castel Marie-Louise in La Baule.


One of the cornerstones of this strategy is the renovation of the famous Fouquet’s in Paris, with the ambition of achieving palace status. This initiative aims to match the renown of Fouquet’s in New York, a meeting place for celebrities and influential executives.


Grégory Rabuel, affirming the centrality of Fouquet’s in this strategy, announces the desire to capitalize on this symbol.


“We need to capitalize on our Fouquet’s brasserie to enhance our hotel of the same name,” he explains. The idea is to reproduce the same model and “concentrate our investments in the Fouquet’s brand on exclusive locations”.


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