Gordon Ramsay sets up his Lucky Cat restaurant in Miami

After London, world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay has moved to Miami with his Lucky Cat restaurant concept.


In the heart of the vibrant city of Miami, Gordon Ramsay unveils a new address that is already very popular. The renowned chef, known to the general public for his reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares ( Cauchemar en cuisine ), offers an Asian-inspired gastronomic experience at his Lucky Cat restaurant.


Located in Miami Beach‘s luxurious South of Fifth district, the restaurant takes its inspiration from izakayas, typical Japanese bars that are a cross between a French bistro and a Spanish tapas bar. The result is an intimate, trendy atmosphere, where Art Deco fixtures rub shoulders with Japanese art. Customers can enjoy the spectacle of the open kitchen as they admire the creation of delicate dishes. Lamb dumplings with Sichuan pepper, lobster with yuzu ponzu, waguy beef sushi… Gordon Ramsay and chef Ben Orpwood have drawn on their love of the complex flavors of Asian cuisine to create a cutting-edge menu. The taste experience continues at the bar. The impressive wine, cocktail and sake list is enhanced by the creations of experienced mixologists. Their subtle use of Far Eastern ingredients, such as shiso leaves and yuzu juice, adds an original touch to traditional drinks.

A new strategic address

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Featured picture : © Gordon Ramsay North America


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