Gold, the new fad of Donald Trump Jr.

Birch Gold Group, a company of precious metals traders in the United States, announced on Thursday April 11 that it has joined forces with Donald Trump Jr. The initiative aims to raise awareness among Americans of the benefits of investing in gold, offering an opportunity for financial diversification in an uncertain economic climate. This partnership marks a significant transition for Trump Jr. from a traditional field of activity to the promotion of alternative investments.


The Trump family’s influence in the business world knows no bounds. Donald Trump Jr., a well-known figure in business and politics, announces his partnership with Birch Gold Group to promote investment in gold.


The collaboration aims to educate Americans about the benefits of physically owning precious metals, notably through Don Jr.’s “Triggered” program, broadcast on Rumble, an online video platform company popular with conspiracists and the American far right.


Those wishing to choose from this wide range of assets can pick and choose what they buy, rather than relying on the limited options offered by their financial institution.


An influential figure in business, politics and the media, the son of the former President of the United States brings valuable publicity to his new partner.


Luxury partner


Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group is one of the country’s leading precious metals traders.


The leading company in the field of “Gold IRAs” – an alternative investment method for retirement offered by some financial institutions where you can choose your assets and investments – sees Donald Trump Jr. as an ideal partner to educate the public about the value of investing in precious metals.


“To me, Don Jr. represents a microcosm of the United States,” said Phillip Patrick, senior precious metals specialist at Birch Gold. “He’s a former bartender who lived out of his truck in Colorado and negotiated ten-figure contracts in Chicago and Mumbai. He’s been on The Apprentice. He’s written two books. He’s a luxury real estate developer who’s also an enthusiastic hunter and No. 2 fundraiser for the 2018 midterm elections.”


Reclaiming your wealth


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