Gemology launches its new range of blue amber products

To coincide with the launch of Gemology’s new product range, we took a closer look at this cosmetics brand, which is unlike any other on the market. Discover the new Ambre Bleue products, as well as the Spa that the French House has opened on the Champs-Elysées.


Founded in 2007 by Chrystelle Lannoy, Gemology was born from the fusion of her two passions: cosmetics and precious minerals. The brand guarantees innovative and ultra-effective” products, a promise once again illustrated by its new range: Ambre Bleue.


Unique products on the market


Unveiled this autumn, this line promises to improve blood circulation, stimulate the immune system, and regenerate and desensitize the skin. And all thanks to the antibacterial properties of the natural organic stone that gives the range its name.



Ambre Bleue includes a hand cream, a face cream, a cleansing gel and a massage oil. All act on our skin, stimulating its vital functions, slowing down its oxidation and reactivity, then firming it.


Blue amber, associated with youth since Roman times, is used in products to combat stress, skin irritation and infection, and to stimulate blood circulation. Its therapeutic properties include mood enhancement, sun protection and detoxification.


A member of the organic stone family, blue amber is thought to have appeared in the Dominican Republic twenty-five million years ago. This organic stone comes from the resin of a tropical tree, the carob tree, which has fossilized and mineralized over the centuries. Its other distinctive feature is, of course, its yellow color, which turns blue when exposed to sunlight, and fluoresces under the light of an ultraviolet lamp.


An innovative brand

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Featured photo : © Gémology

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